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Ring Dog Rescue and Canine Adventure are teaming up with Powhatan Animal Control

Each week all the dogs in the Powhatan County Animal Shelter will receive an adventure walk and photo session. This program aims to get the dogs out for exercise all while finding out more about each dog so that we can highlight those available for adoption. This program will work in conjunction with the RDR shelter enrichment treat program, Popsicles for Pups, and our regularly scheduled spa days, where each dog is treated to a bath and mani pedi. If you are interested in donating to this program click the donate button below. read more

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#shelteradopt City of Emporia Loloa

City of Emporia Animal Shelter

1921 Sunnyside Rd.

Emporia, VA 23847

Open Monday-Friday 8 am- 4pm

Please call first and let them know you are coming…

(434)634-2121 ext. 6

Here is what the City of Emporia volunteers have to say about Loloa…

Loloa had a rough start in life, over bred, chained outside, and no knowledge of what a treat or a bone was. She has done a complete 360 upon being surrendered to our shelter and has been a volunteer favorite. She is estimated to be about  2 years of age and is around 50lbs now. Loloa has amazed us with how much she has come out of her shell and is learning to adjust to her surroundings. We do suggest a meet and greet before adoption, she can sometimes be strong willed when dealing with other dominant dogs, but we have also seen her soft playful side that tells us she could most likely do well if properly supervised, has an experienced owner, and is introduced slowly into a new home. She also seems to enjoy her walks and loves to be worked with, we feel she could do well if trained and given a job to excel at. Loloa is a good girl that just wants a forever home, a family to love, and spend her days getting treats and giving out kisses. Could Loloa be the right match for you?
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Adoptables: Lupin

Lupin is a young, male, 60 lb pit mixed with something else (potentially shepherd? but we don’t know). Lupin is extremely agile and athletic, with... more

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