Adopt a Pit Bull

Thank you for your interest in a rescued pit bull! We take the adoption process very seriously and hope you will, too.

We want you to think this decision through and be fully aware of the challenges that come with pet ownership. We want you to treat the animal as a full participating member of your household. Adopting a pet should be looked upon as a lifelong commitment of love and responsibility for the welfare of that animal, just as you would have for a human member of your family.

The entire process can take 1-3 weeks to process, so please be patient and understand if you live outside of the Greater Richmond Area, the process may take longer. Our goal is to place the right pit bull in the right home.

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Ring Dog Adoption Process

Our adoption process intentionally has several steps and cannot be completed in one day.

  1. Fill out an Adoption Application
  2. Phone interview
  3. Reference Checks
  4. Meet and greet with the dog you are interested in (and any dogs you may have)
  5. Home inspection
  6. 1 week trial run (in home)
  7. Finalize adoption (contract, collection of adoption fee and transfer of medical records)

Our adoption fee is due at the BEGINNING of your week trial, and includes spay or neuter, rabies (if of age), vaccinations, worming, microchip and any other medical required for the health of the particular animal.

Adoption Fees

  • Pit Bull Type Dogs $150.00*
  • Rottweilers $150.00*
  • English Bull dogs $300.00

The entire process can take 1-3 weeks to process, so please be patient and understand if you live outside of the Greater Richmond Area, the process may take longer. Our goal is to place the right pit bull in the right home.

If you're considering or want to find a new home your pit bull breed dog, click here for more information.

Downloadable files

Ring Dog ByLaws - PDF
Things to Think About Before Adopting - PDF



Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop

A photo of Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

Oh Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop! How many wonderful things we could say about you! This absolutely stunning girl began her life as breeding machine before she found herself at a local shelter. Her rough beginning stunted her from being able to enjoy an adolescence of her own or to enjoy many of the experiences young developing dogs do. This left Shimmy weary of her surroundings and unsure of many things when she first come into rescue. We are happy to report that Shimmy has been blossoming into quite a fantastic, carefree, fun loving young lady! Shimmy is a shorty, snorty, hippopotamus that weighs about 50 pounds but is only about 22 inches tall (2-3 years old). She has the cutest quirkiest personality and regularly bounces around bobbing her head while following her humans through the house and yard. Shimmy loves to play with her foster siblings especially the boys. She currently lives in a large pack of dogs, male and female, large and small, and she gets along with all of them. However, Shimmy prefers her male companions to the female ones. She absolutely gets along with female dogs but is more casual and fun loving with the boys. We strongly prefer for her to go into a home with a playful male dog. Shimmy it’s super great in her crate and walks nicely on a leash. Because of her stunted beginning she’s still fine tuning her house breaking and can do a little naughty chewing from time to time. She corrects very easily and is quickly learning how to have excellent house etiquette. Shimmy is affectionate and medium/low energy. She’d love to find a home where she could enjoy a casual daily stroll and a good couch cuddle session! Shimmy is a rare find and will make her forever family oh so happy and regularly giggling!

If you are interested in adopting Shimmy, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop

Coco Colada

A photo of Coco Colada View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

Just in time for backyard cocktail season, meet Coco Colada! This adorable, playful, spunky girl is two to three years old and around 50 pounds - a whole party packed into a squatty little body! A previous Ring Dog Rescue outreach dog, this cutie spent the first part of her life outside with minimal interaction. Thankfully, her owner realized she could have a better life and wanted to give her that opportunity. 

A super resilient and adaptable girl, Coco Colada isn't letting the past hold her back and will likely do well in a moderately active home. She hasn’t met a stranger and has LOVED everyone she has met, often leaning in for some attention or a cuddle. While she is interested in other dogs (in a good way), Coco Colada isn't quite sure how to play (remember, she lived outside all alone) she would do best with a friendly, similarly sized dog who can help teach her the ropes and give her the space and structure to do so successfully. 

Coco Colada is very food motivated, aims to please, and is super responsive to correction. She would love nothing more than to land a new family who can take her on lots of adventures, introduce her to ALL of their friends (she will make new friends for you too), spend plenty of quality time curled up on the couch, teach her a ton of new tricks, and provide her with an endless supply of toys. If you're looking for a sidekick for all of your backyard parties or summer brewery trips, Coco Colada might just be the girl for you! 

No apartments

No cats

No chickens 

If you are interested in adopting Colada, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Coco Colada


A photo of Ernest View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

Ernest affectionately called Ernie did not have a great start to his short life.  This boy was taken from a rural shelter with such severe heartworms his back was bowed due to the amount of fluid in his belly.  Fortunately he made a complete recovery in his awesome foster home and is looking for someone to call his own.  

Ernie knows how to sit and wait for his food until you tell him it's time, is crate trained and house broken. He will need someone that is willing to continue working with him to solidify his obedience and behavioral skills. He loves going out, on walks and riding in the car, but most of all he loves NYLABONES AND BELLY RUBS!  

Ernie likes the other dogs he has met, but he’s not met any cats or small dogs as of yet! Patience, exercise, structure and understanding are what Ernie needs to thrive. He would be perfectly happy in a home without other animals or as a second dog to one that fits his energy level. 

If you are interested in being the Bert to this Ernie, or have more questions, please contact Ring Dog Rescue.

If you are interested in adopting Ernest, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Ernest


A photo of Zeus View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

Hello future family! Allow me to introduce myself. Zeus here! I am ready to be your new baby man! I am house broken, super quiet inside and love my crate!  If I need a time out or a nap, I just find my way to my crate and make myself comfy.  When I go out for a walk, I am super chill and kinda reserved, not like some of those other dogs that bark at everything they see.  I could be a running buddy, forest explorer, beach chiller or just a pal to join you for a little stroll! I am a different boy at home with my people though.  I love to snuggle and hang out with you, no matter what you are doing. 

My perfect home would be a quieter home with a calm, loving adult or two.  I can hang-out with other dogs, but prefer females. I would do well in a home with a fence to run and play and just as easily in an apartment with someone that wanted to take me out to see my neighborhood.  I am an easy to please boy!  I am more concerned with making you happy!  Please ask about me if you have questions.  I am ready to get the next portion of my life started!

If you are interested in adopting Zeus, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Zeus


A photo of Lottie View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier / Bulldog / Mixed

Lottie came from a rough past and can require a slow warm up with new people. She has displayed a comfortable energy level in the house and is house trained, crate trained (with a treat), and happiest sitting in your lap or on the couch.  She loves to be with you all the time and will follow you wherever you are.  She has become very attached to her foster family in a small amount of time, so she’ll require time and patience transitioning and adjusting to her new home.  Given time and treats, YOU will become her new love.
Lottie loves the outdoors and sunbathing, but he has the potential to be a flight risk, so she needs to be in a fenced yard or on leash at all times.  She enjoys walks but due to her bulldog nose/build, she can only do short strolls. While she has met several other dogs and people on her foster journey, she prefers dogs her size or larger and cannot live with small dogs or children. Cats are ok!  Considering her past, she can also display some anxiety when left alone.  She may bark a little, then settles, and sleeps quietly until your return.  We can help you understand how to best manage this. Fortunately, she is never destructive when alone. She is in an XPen at night and sleeps through the night.  She sits on command and loves mealtime! If Lottie Squatty Body sounds like the dog for you, fill out an app!
If you are interested in adopting Lottie, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Lottie


A photo of Caroline View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

Caroline is a beautiful blue brindle 2-3 year old girl looking for a new home!

She is a rockstar in the crate and eager to learn new commands, her leash skills have significantly improved, and she has slowly decompressed  from the stressful shelter environment. She lives to please and to be loved!

Caroline is obsessed with toys and will not share or give them away unless you have the good treats in the pocket. Due to this she will need a person who knows the do’s and don’ts and is willing to work with her. She ignores dogs on walks and the dogs in her foster home.  She stays calm in her crate when they are out and ignores them when they are in the crate and she is out.

This beauty does need an experienced dog owner, and her ideal home would include no other animals or children (sounds like my ideal home too )!  I promise this great girl has enough love, smarts, snuggles, and adventures you can enjoy with her as your one and only!

If you are interested in adopting Caroline, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Caroline