Adopt a Pit Bull

Thank you for your interest in a rescued pit bull! We take the adoption process very seriously and hope you will, too.

We want you to think this decision through and be fully aware of the challenges that come with pet ownership. We want you to treat the animal as a full participating member of your household. Adopting a pet should be looked upon as a lifelong commitment of love and responsibility for the welfare of that animal, just as you would have for a human member of your family.

The entire process can take 1-3 weeks to process, so please be patient and understand if you live outside of the Greater Richmond Area, the process may take longer. Our goal is to place the right pit bull in the right home.

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Ring Dog Adoption Process

Our adoption process intentionally has several steps and cannot be completed in one day.

  1. Fill out an Adoption Application
  2. Phone interview
  3. Reference Checks
  4. Meet and greet with the dog you are interested in (and any dogs you may have)
  5. Home inspection
  6. 1 week trial run (in home)
  7. Finalize adoption (contract, collection of adoption fee and transfer of medical records)

Our adoption fee is due at the BEGINNING of your week trial, and includes spay or neuter, rabies (if of age), vaccinations, worming, microchip and any other medical required for the health of the particular animal.

Adoption Fees

  • Pit Bull Type Dogs $150.00*
  • Rottweilers $150.00*
  • English Bull dogs $300.00

The entire process can take 1-3 weeks to process, so please be patient and understand if you live outside of the Greater Richmond Area, the process may take longer. Our goal is to place the right pit bull in the right home.

If you're considering or want to find a new home your pit bull breed dog, click here for more information.

Downloadable files

Ring Dog ByLaws - PDF
Things to Think About Before Adopting - PDF




A photo of Rainbow View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier
Meet Rainbow!
This happy wrinkle face is a 2-3 year old 60 pound male that is happy to have his second chance at life!
Rainbow was rescued by his foster mom when his former owner could not longer care for him.  He is housebroken, crate trained, walks well on leash, and loves his canine foster brother and sister.  We are unsure how he is with cats, but his favorite thing to do is snuggle!
If you’re looking for a squishy faced professional snuggler please apply for Rainbow today!
Neutered male,  60 pounds,  Brindle,  2-3 years

If you are interested in adopting Rainbow, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Rainbow


A photo of Buster View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier


6 years


Fence required

Meet Buster, he is as sweet as he is cute.  To Buster, a perfect day consists of a few simple meals and a mid day snack, a short walk and/or a zoomie or two around the yard, and lots of quality time and snuggles with his people because he is 100% velcro and a level 10 snuggler.  Even though he is a velcro dog and would love for you to be home he is totally trustworthy and quiet in the house when left alone.  The house is his happy place.  If you are looking for an adventure buddy Buster is not interested, he is a homebody.  He can get easily overwhelmed when out and about and finds new situations and dogs a bit scary, although he does seem interested. He met a neighbor dog through the fence and was full of body wiggles and face licks. With slow introduction he has been able to walk well with another dog and is very submissive and respectful of the 14 year old, 10 pound dog in his foster home.  Buster could do well with the right confident, easy going dog, to become the self-assured happy dog he deserves to be.  Buster is very interested in pleasing, he is great about listening and taking direction.  He is a lower energy dog, but is also very athletic and could spring over a 4 foot fence if he wanted to, like it’s a bump in the road, so he should not be left unattended in a yard.  He truly is a gem looking for the right home to blossom in, is that your home?



If you are interested in adopting Buster, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Buster


A photo of Caroline View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

Caroline is a beautiful blue brindle 2-3 year old girl looking for a new home!

She is a rockstar in the crate and eager to learn new commands, her leash skills have significantly improved, and she has slowly decompressed  from the stressful shelter environment. She lives to please and to be loved!

Caroline is obsessed with toys and will not share or give them away unless you have the good treats in the pocket. Due to this she will need a person who knows the do’s and don’ts and is willing to work with her. She ignores dogs on walks and the dogs in her foster home.  She stays calm in her crate when they are out and ignores them when they are in the crate and she is out.

This beauty does need an experienced dog owner, and her ideal home would include no other animals or children (sounds like my ideal home too )!  I promise this great girl has enough love, smarts, snuggles, and adventures you can enjoy with her as your one and only!

If you are interested in adopting Caroline, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Caroline


A photo of Ernest View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier

This is Ernest, one of the happiest, never look back, live for the day like it’s the first and the last all rolled into one dogs you will ever meet! He has been in foster care for quite some time and is finally ready for a home all his own so he can be someone’s number one man!  He is looking for a home that is active, this is important, he is not a 'sit at home on the sofa all day' kinda boy. He loves a good hike or romp in the river, both at the same time if he has any input on the matter. His family would preferably own stock in a chew bone factory. This is not a requirement, but he reeeeeally loves his Nylabones and Benebones. He will actually hang out, sort of still for a while, happy as a lark.  Other favorite things include belly rubs. Ernie tries really hard to chew on his bone and get belly rubs at the same time which takes some talent! He must spend at least 1/3 his life on his back hoping to convince someone to touch that belly!  It doesn’t matter if he knows you or if you are a complete stranger that he has run across during a walk or an outing of some sort. Ernest knows basic commands. Even if he gets a little enthusiastic with life and wiggles like there is no tomorrow, he will do everything in his power to make you happy... or for a treat.  But a treat means you are happy right? He knows how to sit and wait for his food until you tell him it's time, is crate trained and house broken. He will need someone that is willing to continue working with him to solidify his obedience and behavioral skills. He loves going out, on walks and riding in the car. Ernie has not been around cats or small dogs in his foster home and for the sake of setting up everyone for success we will not let him go to a home with either at this time. His foster home has been working on his leash skills but due to his prior medical issues which caused him to be on activity restrictions for a long period of time he gets easily excited when he sees people and other dogs.  Ernie likes the other dogs he has met, but needs introductions and a walk first. Patience, exercise, structure and understanding are what Ernie needs to thrive. He would be perfectly happy in a home without other animals or as a second dog to one that fits his energy level. 

If you are interested in being Ernest’s hero, his one and only, or have more questions, please contact Ring Dog Rescue. We are excited to have him continue his life with his own person or people.

If you are interested in adopting Ernest, please fill out an application today!

Adopt Ernest