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Cash at the Richmond SPCA

A photo of Cash at the Richmond SPCA View Gallery
Pointer / Mixed
Location: Richmond SPCA

Cash is currently in foster care and is thriving in the home environment. He is house trained, knows basic commands, rides well in the car, and is easy to walk on leash.  He loves his toys, has a curious nature, and a warm and playful personality.

Cash needs some time to warm up and trust his person. Once this is done, he is a very affectionate and loyal companion. Cash will need to be the only dog in the home. No cats and no children under 17. Cash is available for adoption at the Richmond SPCA. If interested, call the Adoption Center at 804-521-1307.

Adopt Cash at the Richmond SPCA

Satin in Colonial Heights VA

Not good with dogs. Not good with cats. Not good with kids.
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Pit Bull Terrier
Location: Colonial Heights, VA

Adopt our Sweet and Sassy Satin!!

Ok ya'll this girl is desperate for a home!! She has now been with us over 2 years. She had been a transfer from another facility and we have worked with her to get her ready for a forever home.

Satin is spayed, has a sponsored adoption fee and is ready to GO..! She is not just ready to bust outta here, she LOVES to go on walks, hikes, jogs... you name it. She i s EXCELLENT on a leash and has been taken on by Ring Dog Rescue for additional training.
They come down here weekly to work on her basics such as sit, down, paw and even that gorgeous smile of hers.

Unfortunately, Satin doesn't show well in the kennel. We don't hold this against her as this has pretty much been her home. She is attached to it. However, and more importantly, she attaches herself even more to those that give her attention, affection and of course- treats.

She has done wonderful here on her pack walks with T-Bone, Danté and several other of our residents. However, we believe she would thrive most in a home as the only dog. She is in need of a confident owner that is willing to look past her time to adjust and warm up to a new potential owner. We have evaluated her and believe she would do fine with children over 12 that are responsible and respectful of her boundaries. 

She loves to play outside and bonds quickly with those that give her that much wanted 1 on 1 time. 

Please call 804-520-9397 to schedule a time to meet Satin. Please note: she is not the type of dog that will run right up to you on a meet and greet! Going for a walk is the way to her heart!

Colonial Heights Animal Services
301 Charles H Dimmock Parkway
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Adopt Satin in Colonial Heights VA

Dutchess in Hanover VA

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American Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier
Location: Hanover, VA

Dutchess is a 10 year old, spayed American Bulldog/Pitbull mix. She is up-to-date on her vaccines. Dutchess came to us due to a bite situation with another dog over a bone. She does not like sharing bones or treats with other dogs. She is up for adoption at the Hanover Animal Control and Shelter!

​Below are some fun facts about Dutchess!
- House-trained
- Knows basic training
- Friendly with people
- She is a sweet pea
- She is selective on her dog friends. She likes dogs that are not dominant. Dutchess does not like dominant dogs at all.
- Likes drinking from the water hose
- High energy
- Loves to go on walks and play fetch
- Heartworm negative

Contact Andrew today at (804) 365-6485 or vog.ytnuocrevonah@lortnoclamina
Hanover County Animal Control and Shelter
12471 Taylor Complex Lane
Hanover, VA 23005

Adopt Dutchess in Hanover VA

Jada in Charles City VA

Not good with dogs.
A photo of Jada in Charles City VA View Gallery
Unknown breed
Location: Charles City, VA

Jada is a beauty and a Southern Belle!

Jada is:
- Adores people of all ages. Children (over 8 years old), adults and seniors! She likes everyone rubbing her belly, ears, head and just all over.
- An excellent walker on leash, enjoying a short walk and refresher. Jada does like some free time in a fenced yard to enjoy play with family and rolling in the grass! After a short period she is done outside and prefers to be inside with family.
- Housebroken. Smart girl knows Sit, Stay and Come. She would love to learn more!
- Loves to be inside with people. Engaging, chilling and belly rubs. She can, and wants to be in the bosom of a family to share her love with.
- Jada needs to be in a home where she is the only dog, has a fenced yard to play with everyone or hang out inside watching a good movie!

Jada Is:
Age: Approx. 3 years old
Height: 20"
Length: 24"
Weight: 50 lbs
Adoption Fee: $50

Contact the shelter at moc.liamg@1nevaehgodtac or call (804) 314-8972!

Charles City Animal Control Shelter
12001 Munford Rd
Providence Forge, VA 23140

Adopt Jada in Charles City VA

Daphne in Gloucester VA

A photo of Daphne in Gloucester VA View Gallery
Boxer / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed
Location: Gloucester, VA

Meet our pure white sweetheart, Daphne. Daphne is looking for that one in a million home, because she is a one in a million girl. You see, Daphne, is deaf. But does she let this bother her? NOPE! She greets each day with a wagging tail and a sweet smile on her face. If you let her, she will cover you in kisses, just to let you know she is happy to be with you. Daphne is about seven years old, but she has plenty of life and spirit to share with her new family. She appears to be housebroken and enjoys walks but is just as happy to chill on a nice soft couch or doggie bed. Don't let her being deaf scare you. there are people who can help you learn the tricks of living with a deaf dog. Daphne is smart and observant so she will catch on quickly.

Sadly, Daphne is heart worm positive and will be going through treatment soon. If you think Daphne is the girl for you, a foster to adopt agreement can be done so that she will have your nice comfy place to live while she goes through treatment, then the adoption will be finalized when her treatment is done.
Daphne is a special girl who deserves to be spoiled by her people. Could that be you? She will spoil you right back with her love and devotion.

If you would like to know more about Daphne's personality, you can call Joyce, a volunteer at the Gloucester Pound, who interacts with Daphne everyday. Her number is 757-376-8360. Her email is moc.liamtoh@06nosremej

Even though Daphne is currently and has always been at the pound, her adoption would be handled through the Gloucester Mathews Humane Society. To send a questionnaire, go to process.

Scroll down to available dogs at GCAC. Click for adoption Questionnaire. Email completed questionnaire to gro.yteicosenamuhmg@tnemecalplamina Thank you for helping this very special dog.

Gloucester County Animal Control
6584 Beehive Drive
Gloucester, VA 23061

Adopt Daphne in Gloucester VA

King Arthur in Langley, British Columbia

A photo of King Arthur in Langley, British Columbia View Gallery
Pit Bull Terrier
Location: Langley BC, Canada

King Arthur
Breed: Pitbull terrier mix
Age: 5 yrs
Gender: M, neutered
Wgt/Hgt: 47 lbs / 26 inches tall
Energy level: Average. Medium-high (when playing)
Relations: Good with dogs after intro, teens, kids/ Not so good with cats              
Highlights: sweet, smoochy, good walking on leash, rides well in car, loves to play ball and go for walks, house trained
Region: Mexico

Knights, assembled! Honoring my name, and as the truthful king of smoochies, I’m looking for honorable folks to spend the rest of my life with. If you’re up for becoming a part of the Pittie round table, I’m your perfect match! 

I am a sweet boy who is super handsome, calm and well-adjusted to being around people.

I was found on the streets of Mexico wandering around; it seemed as if I hadn’t been abandoned for very long. I almost got ran over by a truck, but my rescuer managed to get me out of the avenue, safe and sound. 

My rescuer and her family decided to take me in, so I could be safe. Apparently, my looks could have put me in danger. Sadly, my rescuer’s country isn’t the most pitbull-friendly place.

I must’ve had experience with travelling by car before, because things went perfectly all the way to the vet. The doctor said I had no health issues, and after a few days, I got neutered, vaccinated and dewormed (not my favorite moment, to be honest). 

Since then, I’ve been taken care of by my rescuer and the vet’s team, especially by a very sweet 14 year old guy with whom I spend the most time. I can get a little anxious when “my" person leaves and will softly whine.

I don’t care much for crowds though and feel a bit stressed at that time. 

My caretakers say that I’m the smoochiest dog ever, a good kiss is all it takes for me to be ever affectionate and just overall happy.

Listening is one of my strongest suits, so you can always count on me for that. I love sausages, so they’d do the trick if you want to train me. I can be a little stubborn at first (I’m a king) but I learn pretty fast, so I’ll pick up the commands after a short time.

I always have a great time exercising, but I know how to walk calmly on a leash and pretty well ignore most everything.

I’m smart, obedient, clean, and house trained. Yea. I like other dog’s company, but I think I will do best as the only one in the house. I sometimes move forward and growl at other dogs when they get too close. With a couple meetings, I usually become friends. I don’t like sharing my toys with other dogs when playing though.

I have been around a couple of young children and it went well. I just think I might be a little strong to hang out with them often, but I definitely get along with teenagers. They’re my favorite!     

Not usually many problems with cats, but since I don't like them too close, I can growl when I get stressed, and they can make me a little tense. But you can be sure that my years in this world made me a true gentleman, emphasis on the gentle part! 

I don’t know why, but recently I’ve started to bark at many things while in my crate. I'm typically not much of a barker. I just want to be part of a family, where I can hang out with you.

I enjoy any kinds of activity with my human knight, whether it be relaxing after a long day, or racing together in the morning. My energy level depends on what I’m doing, so I can be pretty relaxed while watching a movie or pretty energetic while playing ball (I love it!).

I’m a very adaptable guy. A back yard with a tall fence (since I know how to jump quite high when playing ball– yes, I am quite athletic) would be nice, but I also like going out for walks to enjoy the air and the view. I look forward to starting a new life in Canada and will be sure to bring lots of love and fun to my new home!

I have been neutered and vaccinated.

My adoption fee is $500.00 CAD, this includes my airfare to Canada.

Disclaimer: It is important for all applicants to visit our website, and read about Loved at Last Dog Rescue.

Information included in the profile is provided to us from the international rescuer or local fosters. LALDR does not have access to overseas dogs and cannot always verify the accuracy of their descriptions. Every dog is an individual and can act differently in different situations based on the person adopting them and the environment in which they live.

The age and breed of a dog is usually an educated guess, so we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of age or breed of our dogs.

Normally, we will not approve adoptions to homes with children under 12 years of age. More information can be found on our website.

Adopt King Arthur in Langley, British Columbia