Posy’s Pocket

Ring Dog Rescue is starting a program to specifically provide long-term foster care to terminally ill and seniors, those who may not be prime candidates for adoption. This mixture of foster, and hospice care is sometimes referred to as “fospice” care in order to easily refer to the both. Programs such as Posy’s Pocket have been piloted across many shelters, both within our area and across the nation. We need people who are willing to open their hearts and homes. We are looking for a handful of homes and families who are willing to help us with caring for these dogs, preferably with foster care experience.

  1. This program is designed specifically to provide for the animals in our care which may not be picked by many potential adopters.
  2. The range of issues affecting these animals means that care might require only a few months, to years, we are not always able to determine.
  3. Allowing these animals the home life of comfort and love given to so many others is only right, spending their days in shelters or unloving homes is as tragic as it sounds.
  4. Fospice care is a lot like traditional fostering programs in that RDR still takes responsibility for these dogs’ care such as medical, food, and equipment. However, it is understood that these animals are likely not going to leave their fospice-homes to new families.
  5. Given that these animals are not likely candidates for adoption, they are not expected to join us at regular events and awareness drives. None-the-less, any efforts to stimulate them such as walks and public events simply for their sake are encouraged, if and only if they can handle it.
  6. Medical care is provided by and covered by Ring Dog Rescue. Any specialty care needed is covered by us as well; as such we need you to keep us up-to-date with medical developments as they occur.
  7. While in your home, we know that you will treat these dogs like your own, with love and compassion, understanding their situation.
  8. Fospice care can involve animals suffering from old age, and related issues such as severe arthritis, dysplasia, or any number of conditions. Similarly, dogs with terminal illnesses; from cancer, to kidney and liver diseases.
  9. It takes a strong person and family to help with these animals. The amount of care involved can be at times very intense, knowing why this animal is in your home can be mentally tiring, and working with them can be physically hard.
  10. However, if you want to see one example of how successful we can be, look on Facebook for “Bucket List for Bungles”. This page is dedicated to one such animal, a fospice favorite who has now been essentially on vacation for months, his attitude shows why people love him.
  11. Dogs in your care during fospice will not be leaving your home. It will be determined by RDR, your family, and veterinary professionals when the appropriate time to humanely euthanize is based on each individual animal’s condition.
  12. This is not a decision that any animal owner ever wants to make, or should on their own. Consulting both with a veterinarian and Ring Dog Rescue Board of Directors is vital for both the best quality of life for the dogs, and for you as their caregiver.
  13. We ask that you consider all aspects of this idea carefully. Removing these animals from home-environments once they are settled in is no easy task and can be extremely detrimental to their health. We ideally want these animals to stay with one family.
  14. Foster-parents typically take in one animal after another, as demand asks; however, we understand that not all fospice-parents can do this. The attachments made to these dogs are extreme, and the emotional toll can be a lot to ask on a repeated basis.

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