The Doghouse Project

As the days become warmer or the night become colder, we at Ring Dog Rescue start to think about all the dogs which do not get a warm bed at night. While we have fought to change the laws regarding chaining, the reality is we are not going to ever be able to force people to bring their dogs inside as family members. However, we can still help!

Ring Dog Rescue is collecting the following items:

  • Dog houses and 10×10 Kennels
  • Blankets and comforters
  • Hay, straw, and/or cedar bedding
  • Food
  • Food and water bowls/buckets
  • Bones (i.e. knuckle or marrow bones) that will last more than an hour
  • Poop Scoopers
  • Fly Strips
  • Small bottles of blue Dawn dish detergent
  • Dog beds
  • Why are we doing this? So we can be sure that the dogs who spend their days outside and nights huddled up can at least have appropriate shelter and some added warmth.

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