What you can do if you see someone leave their pet in a hot car!

Long story short, there are crazy people out there who just don’t care what they subject their pets to and then there are those people who simply don’t realize the dangers of leaving an animal in an unconditioned car on a hot day.

So, I’ve created a non confrontational way to deal with the problem. Today I created some fliers (attached or you can download them at http://markadamsteam.homestead.com/dogs_in_cars_posters.html). One to put on the car where the pet is located and the other to fill out with make, model of car, license plate number and location of vehicle to take into the office of the store so that they can make a public announcement on the PA and get the owner to return to their vehicle. At that time, they will find the other notice that you have left on the car and hopefully, do something to help their pet.

I realize this does nothing to help the pet immediately but after my experience last year, I am seriously wanting not to get shot by an outraged pet owner and I encourage you to take the same measures.

Perhaps we can forward these to our neighboring rescue groups and get the word out. No pet deserves to die in a hot car and we can do something to help. Print a few out and just keep them in your car…just in case. I’ve included 2 color images you can print out or a black and white PDF. Sorry for the huge run-on email. This is just something I felt I had to do something about. Thanks!

Lisa Adams

Volunteer with CARE