NY: Make Animal Fight Attendance a Misdemeanor Crime!

A. 6287-B/S. 3926-A would make it a misdemeanor to attend an animal fight in New York State. The NY Senate passed its version of the bill, S. 3926-A, on June 22. Unfortunately, despite passing successfully through the Assembly Agriculture and Codes Committees, the Assembly companion bill, A. 6287-B, has not been scheduled for a floor vote by Assembly leadership.

By attending these barbaric spectacles, spectators make animal fighting a lucrative underground business. In addition, animal fights create environments that promote other hazardous acts, such as the sale of illegal drugs, weapons possession and gambling. Making attendance at animal fights a misdemeanor will give law enforcement an important tool with which to punish the spectators who drive the animal fighting market.

Sign the petition asking New York state assembly members to support A. 6287-B and to urge Assembly leadership to post this important humane bill for a floor vote.
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