Essential Oils for Dogs…

I have a dog with severe crate anxiety.  I tried everything I could think of to help ease his anxiety.  We tried exercise, melatonin, and he already ate and slept in his crate without an issue.  However, when we left and had to put him in the crate he’d have a melt down.  Leaving him out of the crate when we aren’t home wasn’t an option so having exhausted what I thought were all other options I tried drugs.

We tried a moderate dose of Prozac since the anxiety was so intense.  It did seem to take the edge off but I hated medicating him.  About that time I started learning more about essential oils and their uses.   I discovered the Dog Oiler  After spending some time reading the site and joining the Facebook Page I purchased a diffuser and started diffusing a calming blend of oils next to my dog’s crate in the morning before I left for work.  Within a week he was off the meds and the oils had the same if not better effect than the meds did!

These powerful oils work in and for many different ailments we and our dogs experience.  From allergies to wound care there are many different oils, one for almost for everything!  Before an expensive vet visit or subjecting your dog to man made medicine try an alternative.

For more information on ordering the essential oils email <a href=”mailto:tonya@ringdogrescue generic viagra”>