Celebrating Three Huge Victories for Virginia Animals!

Hello Advocates!

This last legislative session in Virginia was a historical one for animals. We are thrilled to say that THREE bills are now signed into law that will provide critical and necessary protections for Virginia’s most vulnerable animals. Your contributions to Humane Dominion enabled us to tip the scales just enough to get these bills passed. This is a game-changing year for us at Humane Dominion, the legislature in Richmond, and for the future of animal welfare in Virginia. And this has all been possible because of YOU!

We’ve gone into some detail about our victories on our website, but here is a brief recap of each one. You will find a link to each of the major sponsors of each bill below and we ask that you take time to email each of these champions and thank them for supporting animals. Below you will also find a link to the Virginia Legislative Information System for each bill. Please take the time to visit the page and thank the co-patrons and patrons for each bill.

HB 972, known as the Pet Protective Order, was introduced by Del. Ben Cline, R-Rockbridge. This law gives people who file domestic violence
charges against a partner the power to obtain custody of their family pets and prohibits further violence directed toward the pet. Virginia LIS page for HB 972.

SB 228, also known as Bailey’s Law, led by Sen. Chap Petersen,
D-Fairfax, passed unanimously, This requires pet stores to inform customers about the source of their dogs. This measure is designed to prevent people from unknowingly purchasing a dog bred by a cruel puppy mill. Virginia LIS page for SB 228.

SB 42, championed by Sen. Dave Marsden, D-Fairfax, finally passed after three hard fought years. Fox pens host staged competitions where wild-caught foxes are thrown in electrified-fenced enclosures for dogs to chase down. This bill phases out existing pens, and prohibits any new fox pens from being opened, sparing the lives of thousands of foxes in the future. Virginia LIS page for SB 42.

Policy is true prevention – Prevention from more animals being caught in the cycle of suffering. Because we at Humane Dominion know that we can not prevent suffering until we strengthen the laws that protect animals.

We can’t rest and must continue to strengthen Humane Dominion and our grassroots base in preparation for the 2015 legislative session and
elections. While we are successful this session showed the true colors of several legislators who voted against our protection bills and made
themselves known to be an enemy of the animals. We must focus on these obstructionists and continue to build a more humane General Assembly.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities this summary to support our work. THANK YOU for your support. Our victories are only made possible because of YOU!

– Laura Donahue

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