URGENT — Homes needed ASAP for victims of a cruetly bust!

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“All are unaltered, none are house broken and some cant walk on a leash. Tasha is HW positive. All the dogs were living together in a garage, some were in crates but I dont know which ones, other than Tasha. Most of the puppies didnt have names, other than Diesel and mousey. Some dont even look like pits the tan ones look like labs, so im not sure about parentage Mousey was so small she looked like a whippet who goes to the gym. she would be great as an “apartment pittie” or someone who wanted a pit mix but did’nt want a large dog. its heart brakeing to think that these dogs have spent 2/3’s of there life in a shelter. I hope I got enought info, let me know if I can do anything else.”

Please contact Nick today if you’d like to foster or adopt! nt.towers@juno.com or (434) 246-2167 / 5000