Transitioning your dog to new food

A breakfast burrito, lunchtime pizza and then Sushi for dinner? Not for pets! Unlike humans, our pets’ digestive systems can’t easily handle changes in food.

That’s why when you switch your dog to a new food—whether it’s canned or dry and no matter the brand—you need to do it gradually. Otherwise, indigestion, diarrhea, or constipation could be part of your furry friend’s new menu.
Here’s a 10-day schedule to follow that will serve you—and your pets—well:
Day 1-3     Mix 75% old food with 25% new food
Day 4-6     Mix 50% old food with 50% new food
Day 7-9     Mix 75% new food with 25% old food
Day 10      Feed 100% of the new food
Remember: you know your pet best, so watch for signs of discomfort while switching and adjust this guideline if necessary. And talk to your veterinarian if any problems arise while transitioning to new food.