the DOGHOUSE project

The DOGHOUSE project started many years ago, we realized there was a need to help owned animals who through no fault of their own, were living in less then optimal conditions. Each year Ring Dog Rescue volunteers trek out into lower income areas and identify dogs (and sometimes cats and rabbits) in need. We educate their owners on proper animal husbandry practices, provide medical care, food, free spay and neuter, bedding, doghouses, and because getting dogs off of chains is one of our missions, outdoor 10×10 kennels, and crates to hopefully transition the dog into the home.

We know this project is hard for some to understand, we just like you would prefer all dogs live inside, in the warmth, getting the companionship they deserve. The truth is that the laws of Virginia are strong in many ways, but there is no law that requires dogs to live inside, and while the Care of Companion Animal by Owner (3.2-6503) and the Cruelty to Animals (3.2-6570) code sections do address the requirements  that all owners and caretakers must abide by, there is no requirement for dogs to live inside. In order for us to make these needy dogs lives better we must continue to approach each situation with no judgement, and through a working relationship we can make a change. Some owners decide they would like us to re-home their dog, others will transition them into their homes, and others simply allow us to provide more to their animal than was previously provided.

Ring Dog Rescue has provided these services free of charge to over 50 dogs in the last calendar year. On Christmas Eve we will again trek out and provide food to all the needy dogs from this years outreach, and we are building five kennels to get 5 dogs off of chains. As with most projects we are in need of gently used doghouses, straw or cedar bedding, and kennels. Do you have an old dog house you are no longer using? Did you buy a kennel and it just sits there unused? Maybe you have a farm and have extra straw? Please consider donating these items to our program. By emailing, we can coordinate a volunteer to pick it up.

Below are a few dogs we have helped.