Ring Dog Rescue Needs Your Help!

It has always been our mission to help those less fortunate and needing medical care that inhibits them from being adopted from local shelters. We have recently been inundated with medical cases and need your tax deductible donation to help continue treatment for these dogs. As some of you may know, Pixie had surgery to fix her leg and now she is going through heartworm treatment. Marscapone and Felicia are also being treated for heartworms. Miss Skipper was brought in with a crushed leg and had an amputation done upon arrival. Lola is in training, but had to have her torn ear repaired and she had vaginitis. Tipton was saved from a puppy mill is in need of surgery to correct his cherry eye and a teeth cleaning. Nila ( pronounced Knee-La) is going to need mammary tumor removal and mass cell tumor removal. Our newest pup (named TBD) is going to need orthopedic surgery to fix her fractured elbow!

We estimate these dogs costing…

  • Pixie $400
  • Marscapone $400
  • Feliciia $400 (picture coming soon!)
  • Skipper $1200
  • Lola $400
  • Tipton $500
  • Pup $2000
  • Nila (first surgery) $550.00

Totaling $5850.00 if you can help in anyway, please click the donate button below.