Ring Dog Rescue Has been adopted by Chester Animal Clinic

Ring Dog Rescue has been adopted by:
 Chester Animal Clinic  12021 Iron Bridge Road Chester, VA
 They will be collecting donations and wish list items for us (Ring Dog Rescue) through the holiday season.
Please stop by and drop off donations and wish list items! Thank you to the Lyne Animal Hospitals for supporting our cause.
Wish List…
Gently used or new blankets
Chicken Broth (liquid in the box)
Creamy Peanut Butter
Canned sweet potatoes (no sugars added)
Canned Pumpkin (no sugars added)
Cooking Spray
Raw Hides (preferably the thin rolls)
Collapsible Dog Crates
Dog Biscuits/Treats
Dog Beds (all sizes)

Dog Food (Dry fish and potato based, Costco’s Natures Domaine, Natural Balance- Fish and Potato, Wellness, Anaemet)