Pit Bulls Needing Homes at the New Kent Animal Shelter!

FOSTERING SAVES LIVES! ADOPT OR FOSTER ONE OF THESE GREAT DOGS TODAY! To foster contact ringdog@ringdogrscue.org! To adopt please contact Melissa at the shelter (info below)!

There are 4 pit mixes in the pound in New Kent and we are hoping for fosters and adopters for these great dogs!!! http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/VA382.html

Precious, Am. Staff X, 2 yrs, tan, fun, energetic, vocal, was penned out in a yard for the last year, not spayed, $ avail, current vaccs.

Rachel, 1.5 yrs, pit/hound f/s, current vaccs, dewormed. She was tied in backyard most of her life, loves kids and other dogs.

George, 6 mths, white/light brindle, male not neutered, $ avail, current vaccs, very sweet boy.

Tyler, 1 yr, black w/ white, not neutered, $ avail, needs vaccs, knows sit, energetic, barks thru fence when greeting, wags when door opens.