One reason we do what we do!

I would just like to take a moment to update you about Boz’ new life!  He has had a very hectic and exciting couple of months! 

         We brought him to our home in early May and it was immediately evident that he was going to settle into his new life in no time.  He sniffed around the house for a couple hours, explored, napped, explored some more, snuggled on the couch, napped again, etc.  He was a little bit wary of using the bathroom at our house, but after one small accident IN the house, he caught on to using the bathroom outside and hasn’t had another mess-up since!!  It probably took him less than a week to amass a very large collection of toys and he goes through his “toy box” daily to make sure they’re all still there and give them a good shake and squeak.  He LOVES his new fenced in yard!  He loves to roll around in the grass, chase tennis balls for hours and run run run.  He thinks it is hilarious to play “chicken” with us – he runs at us a very high rates of speed and at the last second, darts around our legs to avoid a collision.  He has discovered a love for ice cubes.  Any time the freezer door is opened he sticks his head right in and hopes that a couple cubes will be accidentally knocked out – almost every time he walks away with an icy cool treat!

        We entertain friends at our house usually about once a week or so and he has been great with meeting new people. He is usually very friendly and sociable with females immediately.  He is a little more wary of new men, until they start playing with him, then he is their new best friend!  He is beginning to remember the friends who come over more frequently and he gets so excited to see them!  Two friends of ours have a 9 month old baby and he LOVED her!  He would lick her little toes and she would shriek with laughter and you could just see the happiness on his sweet face.  He was so gentle around her and so sweet!  He took his first weekend trip with us last weekend when we spent some time at my boyfriend’s family’s lake house on South Holston Lake in Abingdon, VA.  He spent about an hour exploring the house and the yard, decided it was suitable, then decided it was time for a nap.  (He naps all the time!  We are nap-friendly people, so he fits in great with us!)  The attached photo is of me and Boz on the lake’s shore, and there is one of him hanging out on the dock.  It was actually kind of difficult to get the pictures of him – he was astounded by the world’s largest water bowl!  He didn’t take the plunge into the lake, but I have a suspicion that if a tennis ball was tossed in, he would jump in in a heartbeat. 

        Boz has settled in perfectly and we really couldn’t ask for a better dog.  He knows his basic commands and we are working on some fancier ones, and he will also start his intermediate training soon.  It took him no time to adapt to our lifestyle and our schedules and he seems to love being in our family.  As I mentioned before, he only had one accident in the house!! ONLY ONE! I could hardly believe it.  I have had dogs all my life and it has never been so easy training one to do their business outside!  He is very quiet (even with our new neighbors and their very, very vocal Irish Setters, he just stands in the yard and looks at them, never answers back to them!) and calm (except during playtime) and he sleeps ALL night long.  In fact, when I wake up in the morning to take him outside I have to coax him to get out of my bed – I think he would probably sleep until noon everyday if I would let him.  Speaking of sleeping, I do have one minor complaint – Boz is a terrible bed hog!  How he pushes me to the edge of the bed throughout the night without waking me, I’ll never know, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  He’s a great little snuggler and we love him very much! 

       Thank you for helping Boz prior to my adopting him (I’m secretly glad his home in Maryland didn’t work out!) and thank you for helping all the other bullies (and others) that Ring Dog helps everyday!  My hope for Bozzy, as I call him, is that with his good nature and precious personality, he can help bully breeds everywhere by changing opinions held by people who have believed the media and haven’t given some of the best dogs out there a chance. 

Thank you again!

Stephany Campbell