No leash, no responsibility?

So what part of this sign is it that people don’t seem to understand? Well, I guess it’s not actually a lack of  understanding, but more of a “you can’t or won’t make me” attitude. I just had this very conversation, with an older gentleman, outside my office building yesterday. He said both dogs were under vocal control and therefore, didn’t need to be leashed. Really??? So when you’re on the phone, and your dogs are nowhere in sight, is that still okay for using vocal recall? I think not! And of course, the guy wasn’t picking up after them, which is even more frustrating for those of us unfortunate enough to be the poop finders! Can anything be done about this? How about rewarding people for their good behavior? Seems kind of silly, but we do the same thing with our dogs, so why not? If anyone has some thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them!