Medical Challenges

Sometimes with all the sadness of the heartbreaking stories behind many of the rescued bullies that Ring Dog saves, it’s easy to forget just how remarkable Ring Dog Rescue really is. Many other rescue groups, while of course still doing a very noble deed, have difficulty rescuing pit bulls. Many do not accept bully breeds at all, much less ones with special needs, due to the cost and time invested in taking on less than perfectly healthy animals. Ring Dog does not turn down an animal for any medical condition it may have, treating dogs with heartworms, puppies with parvo, even Georgia, who required an amputation. Dogs such as Indy who uses a wheelchair, or Sailor who required two leg surgeries would certainly not still be alive without Ring Dog’s commitment to doing what is right for the animal and not just what is cost effective.Ring Dog gives these animals time to heal until they are ready to go home and be a wonderful friend to some lucky person.These animals will be eternally grateful for the multiple 2nd chances they were given, and that gratitude alone is worth all the debt incurred from their treatment.