Living Peacefully in a Multi Dog Household

When you take your car to get fixed do you tell the mechanic how to fix it?
When you get your haircut do you tell they stylist the technique and scissors in which to cut it?
When you have an electrical or plumbing problem in your home and you call the electrician or plumber to fix it do you tell them how to do it?
NO.  If you knew how to do it you wouldn’t need to call them right?!
So why do we spend so much time teaching, guiding, educating, and informing people on how to integrate dogs peacefully into multi dog households and they still don’t listen?  They don’t follow instructions, heed advice, or read the handouts we prepare, and then they are surprised when something goes wrong!  Folks, this is the single reason I am no longer a dog trainer because guess what..IT’S NEVER THE DOGS FAULT, BUT IT’S ALMOST ALWAYS THE OWNER/GUARDIANS FAULT.  I say almost because sometimes there are legitimate medical issues that can drive a dogs behavior that we cannot control.
Ring Dog Rescue has been around for 10 years and our founders have been doing rescue longer than that.  We’ve had hundreds of dogs in our homes, we all have multi dog households, and we’ve all made mistakes.  The key is that most of us have learned from those mistakes and it’s made us better equipped to help you not make the same mistakes.  So when we advise you to do something a certain way please understand it is what is best for the dog!  We want our dogs to live peacefully in their forever home FOREVER.  If that means laying a foundation over a a 2-4 week time period that results in a lifetime of happiness for you and your pet don’t you think it’s worth it?
For more information on introducing a new dog into an existing dog home or living peacefully in a multi dog household please visit:

Our only request is that you follow the instructions 😉