First two weeks of training

Hello all! For those of you that do not know me I am Chance, a wonderful Bully Mix that has been with RDR for a while now. Everyone just loves me and my foster mom is very good to me but they say that I needed to learn some manners. I like to give people hugs when I first meet them but what I think is a hug can be a little overwhelming. The great people at Ring Dog wanted to give me the best chance possible to find my forever home so they sent me to Holiday Barn for a six week training program. I have been here two weeks now and love it. I go for walks everyday, I do not pull any more and Melanie, my trainer, is proud that I have not jumped on anyone for a whole week. The folks here are really nice and are spoiling me, buying me new toys and bones to chew on. I will keep you posted on what I am learning and I will be posting pictures soon. I hope someone reads this and sees how hard I am trying to earn a place in their home. If you or someone you know needs a bully to love fill out an application today!