Chance – my training experience!

So I have been at Holiday Barn for a little over 5 weeks now learning all sorts of new things. I know how to walk very well on a leash, sit and stay…even with distractions! I come when called and Melanie’s favorite is the “Climb” command. I get up on a bed in the lobby and just lay there while other dogs and people come and go. I am so good at it and all the other customers love my big smile. I have been spending time with other dogs and enjoying that, I don’t even react if another dog gets too pushy with me. Winnie, Melanie’s Foster, jumped right on my back the first time she met me and I let Melanie correct her instead of doing it myself. Everyone here is so proud of me…and after 3 years of waiting I have an adoption pending…can you believe it! I am so excited about having a forever home and I am very thankful for the people at RDR for sticking by me while I waited. As always if you or someone you know is looking for some bully to love check out the adoption page, you may just find you best friend waiting for you!