Canine Sports-Disc Dog

Another fun activity you can do at home with your dog that can turn into something you can compete with is DISC.  Disc Dog or also known as Frisbee Dog is a legitimate dog sport with competitions across the country.  In these competitions, dogs and their people compete in different categories such a distance catching or free style catching. Freestyle catching is when the dog jumps over and around his handler catching discs.  Distance is exactly how it sounds, you and your dog are judged by the distance of the throw/catch.  Disc Dog is a way for dog and handler to build a close working bond together.  The equipment is very inexpensive, it’s simply a few frisbee discs you can pick up at any pet store.  There are discs in different sizes for different sized dogs.

Playing Disc is very exciting for dogs as it engages their prey drive in a positive way.  It works that desire to chase fast moving objects and channels it into a game. It’s like fetch but more challenging as the disc can fly longer and be less predictable than a tennis ball.  It’s also a great way to exercise a high energy dog.  The bond between owner and dog builds as they learn to communicate and understand the needs of each other.  Each has their own part to play to make a successful team.  Playing disc needs to be a positive activity with no reprimands for bad catches or getting tired. It’s important to learn what motivates your dog and keep the sessions short and fun and always positive.  Stop before your dog is too tired. Do not over work your dog, you always want to stop when your dog is still wanting more, not when they are laying on the ground with their tongue rolling out.

As always before beginning a sport, talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s physical health and any potential limitations.  Always remember to warm up and cool down your dog before and after exercise.  Building a Disc team is not something that will happen over night. You always want to start small and build their interest and drive before expecting them to be able to perform flips and jumps.  

There are national and international competitions in Disc

International Disc Dog Handlers’ Association (IDDHA)


The most famous pit bull Disc dog is Wallace who passed away a couple of years ago. Here are a couple of links to Wallace’s page and disc tribute

How to get started in Disc




photo credit: Andre, a rescued pit bull practicing disc at home with his family.