A Year in Review and a Big Thank You!

Every once in a while you get those folks who challenge your integrity or question what you do. As someone who has dedicated over a decade to helping animals, educating the public, and advocating, I find there is no better way than to share our numbers, experiences and goals.

2014 was a difficult year for many, while the country is still digging itself out from recession, many grants have been cut in the animal welfare field. It is up to the individual organization to keep charging through, with help from their faithful followers, devoted volunteers, and donors.

In 2014 Ring Dog Rescue accomplished many many things, here are a few…

Popsicles for Pups a kennel enrichment program run and funded entirely by RDR and its volunteers, made and gave out frozen enrichment treats weekly at Richmond Animal Care and Control, Heritage Humane Society, and Powhatan Animal Control. This program is being started at Chesterfield Animal Services in March of 2015.

Cats… Ring Dog Rescue doesn’t have cats! No, we do not take in cats to our program, but we like all animals and species and do love the kitties. In 2014 Ring Dog Rescue provided habitats for 5 feral colonies, and spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped 50 feral cats in the Greater Richmond Area.

Outreach is a big part of what we do! While we would love for all our furry friends to live indoors be healthy, happy companions, we know that many folks just aren’t having it. While our purpose is to assist the community to become more healthy and humane, we have chosen to not judge folks for their not wanting the dog inside, but instead to forge relationships and provide services for the dog(s), all the while educating their owners and shaping a healthier community. In 2014, RDR and its volunteers provided over 30 dog houses to those in need. Gave out over 10,000 lbs. of kibble to owned animals. Built over 10 new habitats, getting over 20 dogs off of chains. And spayed, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm tested over 150 owned pit bull type dogs in the Greater Richmond community.

Adoption is one of the core reasons Ring Dog Rescue came to fruition. It is our intention to transfer in at risk pit bull type dogs and of course some Low Riders too, into our program. Then get these animals medically sound, and behaviorally fit. Then place them into the proper home. While some dogs may stay in our program an extended period of time, others get healthy and adopted more quickly. Each dog is given the tools needed for success. In 2014, Ring Dog Rescue transferred in 89 dogs and did 87 adoptions. That is 89 dogs who may have been otherwise euthanized, as 90% of our intake were medically unfit for adoption through a jurisdictional shelter.

Fundraising is an important part of rescue, as we all know without funding you can’t go very far. It was mentioned earlier that many grants have dried up. We would like to take this opportunity to Thank Maddie’s Adoption Days for their generous grant of over $10,000 and The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies for their generous $1000 donation. We would also like to share that in 2014 Ring Dog Rescue spent more than $90,000 dollars on medical care for animals both in our program and owned. If you do the math that is a $79,000 plus difference, and we would personally like to Thank all of our fantastic volunteers who spent their time and effort to raise these additional funds and more. We would also like to Thank all of the individual donors, those who bought a T-shirt or a piece of merchandise, or donated their time to just help.

In addition we would like to Thank all of the families who have opened their homes to foster the dogs in our program, without you we could not have helped the over 1000 (yes one thousand) pit bull type dogs we have rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed in the last 10 years.

A super big Thank You is also needed for the support we receive from our medical providers. Farmers Veterinary Hospital has been RDR’s primary care veterinarian since the beginning in 2004, Thank You Dr. Teague and his staff for always being there for the dogs in our program. Virginia Veterinary and Surgical Associates, have kept our dogs in top notch orthopedic health, performing all necessary surgeries, Thank You Dr. Barnes and staff. Prevent-A-Litter, Barron’s Surgery, and the Animal Resource Foundation, have all help us spay and neuter thousands of animals over the years and we Thank You for your commitment to reducing the pet population and working towards healthier communities at a reasonable low-cost rate, we applauded you for your dedication. We are not trying to leave anyone out here, and we like to be sure that everyone knows how grateful we are, Thank You!!!

We hope that 2015 is an even better year! We are getting off to a great start. We will be setting up Popsicles for Pups at Chesterfield Animal Services, be donating Kuranda beds to Goochland Animal Control, continuing our Shelter Adopt! Program, The Dog House Project, and many more all while continuing to foster the many many loving dogs in our program.

Thank You and we hope you remember that rescue is more than just adoption, it is working towards a more humane community.