2016 Year End Review

Ring Dog Rescue wants to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year and reflect on 2016. This past year came with many challenges and many “hooray” moments.

This past year has given us fantastic new volunteers and fosters, new relationships were formed with various members of our community, dogs living outside in peril were provided life-changing resources, and we at Ring Dog Rescue could not be more proud of all who came together to make the lives of animals better.

Here is our year-end review:

Ring Dog Rescue transferred in 114 dogs (and puppies)!  We received those dogs from various locations including:

Powhatan Animal Shelter

Richmond Animal Care and Control

Henrico Animal Protection

Chesterfield County Animal Services

Brunswick County Animal Control

Amelia County Animal Control

Louisa County Animal Control

Nelson County Animal Control

Bedford County Animal Control

VA Beach Animal Control

Colonial Heights Animal Control

Peninsula Regional Shelter

Prince Edward Animal Control

City of Emporia Animal Control

Sussex County Animal Control

Hopewell Animal Control

Chesapeake Animal Control

Greene County Animal Control

Thank You to all of the shelters that have worked so hard and made strides in improving the lives of the animals in our community.

Of the 114 dogs brought into our program, 98 of those dogs have been adopted.

All of the dogs have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, wormed and microchipped. Several dogs were treated for other conditions such as mange, allergies, infections, tick borne diseases, entropian, heartworms, orthopedic surgeries and more. It is through donations that we are able to provide such top-notch care to any and all of the dogs in our program.

Ring Dog Rescue continued to provide frozen enrichment treats to in shelter dogs at 4 jurisdictional shelters through our Popsicles for Pups program.

Our volunteers provided 11 kennels or fenced areas for dogs living on chains and allowing them to have the freedom of movement as well as an improved quality of life. 17 doghouses were provided to owned dogs living outdoors with inadequate shelter, and straw was provided to dozens of dogs living outside. Over 4,200 pounds of dry kibble and over 400 cans of food were provided to needy families. All of this was possible through our DOGHOUSE project and donations from the public.

We also provided owned dogs throughout the greater Richmond area with the following:

62 dogs were spayed and neutered

34 dogs received a distemper/parvo vaccine

42 dogs were vaccinated against rabies

60 dogs were microchipped

37 dogs were tested for heartworms and tick borne disease

2 dogs were given lifesaving obstruction surgeries

1 dog was given a life changing orthopedic surgery

We also currently have 3 dogs in our “fospice” program, Posy’s Pocket. Bungles, Matilda and Olympia are each provided with a loving home, medical care, and the comfort of a family to spend their last days.

We also partnered with Gwendolyn’s Wish, The Nautical Dog, Natural Pet Essentials, The Richmond Pit Bull Project, Loveland, Sheppard Street Tavern, Sticky Rice, Friends of Forest Hill Park, Citizen Restaurant, The Virginia Beer Company, The Betty on Davis, GWAR, Urban Outfitters, Chop Suey Books, 13 Rebels Motorcycle Club, Cross Creek Nursery, Jack Brown’s, Clementine’s Munchies, Paws to Swim, Dogtopia of Midlothian, The Galster Agency, Laura D’s Day and Hair Spa, Ken Penn Photography, and Mary Maier’s Photography.  We would like to thank you all for the great events and support!

A special Thank You to the Shilling Foundation for your continued support!!

As we close 2016 we would like to thank all of our donors, adopters, fosters, and volunteers.  We could not do it without you!

We look forward to doing even more in 2017!