Ready to Adopt Campaign

Our dog community needs your help. Life in a shelter is not easy and is stressful for many. To give dogs that new lease on life, they need to be “ready to adopt.” This means being spayed or neutered, current on required and essential vaccinations, and heartworm tested.

When people see a dog they are interested in adopting, they want and deserve the process to be easy. Too many dogs get passed over when a potential adopter sees that it has not been spayed or neutered. This delays the process and takes away some of the joy of the moment.

Ring Dog Rescue (RDR) supports several local shelters by covering the expenses for spay / neuter procedures, vaccines, and heartworm tests. An anonymous donor has offered to MATCH donations to RDR up to $5,000 for the Ready to Adopt Campaign. If $5,000 can be raised, another $5,000 will be matched for a total of $10,000! We invite you to be a part of this life saving effort.

Please consider making a donation which can be made here: Select the Ready to Adopt Campaign when making a donation. Your donation will directly impact and increase a dog’s chance of being rescued. Donate today to save a life tomorrow. Thank you.