Paws-itively Fun Indoor Games for Dogs

When it’s raining or too cold to go out and play, try these fun indoor dog games.
By Arden Moore

To start playing indoors, pick a room with enough space for tail-wagging romps, and stash the breakables out of puppy’s reach. Intermingle tricks and games with a few reinforcing obedience commands, and you’ll have a fun-loving dog with good manners. Let the games begin!

Play hide-and-seek. Have your dog heel by your side in a room. Throw a treat across the room. As your dog darts after it, slip around the corner out of sight and call your dog by name. When he races to you, reward him with a treat and plenty of praise. Repeat four or five times.

Teach your dog to behave like a Houdini hound. Hold a small treat or ball in one closed fist and keep the other fist empty. Extend both arms out and ask your dog, “Which hand?” Let him sniff both. When he noses the fist with the toy or food, open your hand, show it, and praise. Repeat, randomly moving the toy or food into your left or right hand. Now you’re both ready for an audience!

Have your dog “find the keys.” Stash your keys on the couch, under a chair, or in your dog’s bed. When he brings them to you, reward him with a treat. Then stash them in a new place and repeat the retrieve-and-get-a-treat steps.

Play “get the remote control.” Dogs like jobs. While having your dog fetch the remote brings out the true couch potato in you, it gives your dog a mission. When he brings you a remote, reward him with a treat and plenty of praise. Then sit down and enjoy a good canine caper together — perhaps “Frasier” or “Lassie” reruns.

Excerpted from “50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Dog” by Arden Moore. (Storey Books, 2000)