Shilling Spay & Neuter is hiring for 2 positions

A.L. Shilling Spay & Neuter, Inc. is currently seeking an Experienced Licensed Veterinary Technician to join our team!

Candidates must be compassionate, treat all animals with great care and be comfortable working with both dogs and cats of varying breeds and personalities.

Candidates must be able to work in a fast-paced environment, must be able to multi-task and be able to prioritize, stay on task and function efficiently.

The Veterinary Technician (Vet Tech) is responsible for assisting Veterinarians in the care of animals. The Vet Tech helps during patient examinations and surgical procedures by restraining animals when necessary, stocking examination and surgery rooms with supplies, sterilizing tools and ensuring that equipment is in working order, check vital statistics, administer medication, and anesthesia. Restrain animals in a safe, efficient and compassionate manner during examinations and procedures. Prepare and set up for surgical procedures while utilizing knowledge of proper sterile field requirements and monitoring anesthesia during surgery and recovery. Accurately
prepare and dispense medications as directed by the doctor, ensuring that medications are added to the pet’s record. Know vaccination guidelines within the hospital and administer vaccinations under the direction of the doctor. read more

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Update to Virginia Code

As of July 1, 2020, the VA Code §3.2-6500 has been updated to include extra provisions for tethered/chained dogs.  Under the Adequate Shelter definition it now states that:

An animal cannot be chained/tethered under these 3 sets of conditions:

  1. unless the animal is safe from predators and well suited and well equipped to tolerate its environment; or
  2. during the effective period for a hurricane warning or tropical storm warning issued for the area by the National Weather Service; or
  3. (c)(1) during a heat advisory issued by a local or state authority, (2) when the actual or effective outdoor temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher or 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, or (3) during the effective period for a severe weather warning issued for the area by the National Weather Service, including winter storm, tornado, or severe thunderstorm warning.

While there are exceptions within the Code for an Animal Control Officer or LEO to certify “the animal is safe from predators and well suited and well equipped to tolerate its environments,” this certification could allow for the officer, their agency, and the jurisdiction to be held liable if the animal was injured or dies after certification is made.  Due to the potential for liability, it is our opinion that it would be extremely rare that this certification would be made. read more

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Adoptables: Sully

Meet Sully! (A.K.A. Sweet Sully, Silly Sully, and Sulls which has recently morphed into Sullsbury Steak :) This well-mannered, good-natured, goofy, incredibly smart, and lovable boy wouldn't have... more

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