We Have Gone To The Hounds

St. Valentine



Ring Dog Rescue recently assisted in the rescue of many hound dogs from a rural property. The rescue community came together to help the dogs, after finding out that nearly 70 hound dogs were living outside, with a lack of medical care, and the owner is dying of cancer. While RDR could not take many, we found 3 that needed immediate medical help and took these 3 in.

  • Beanie a 1 year old Lemon Hound has a tick borne virus, skin infections, and ear infections.
  • Matilda is a 6 year old beagle who has Heartworms, and is Ehrlicia positive, had ear mites, a huge growth that will be surgically removed and is in need of a dental with extractions.
  • St. Valentine is between 6-10 years of age, he is Lyme, Ehrlicia, and Heartworm positive, has skin issues, a growth, and he will also need a full dental with many extractions.

Would you consider helping us get them healthy? Please consider donating towards these wonderful dogs recovery.