Two surgeries later, I learned a lesson the hard way.

Meet Slade. He is a sweet and wonderful dog, who was rescued by RDR a couple years ago. This boy is truly a breed ambassador and I’ve never had an ounce of trouble with him whatsoever. That is, until I was rudely awakened by a second foreign object removal surgery.

In my 10+ years of pit bull experience, I’ve seen all kinds of destructive behavior, but it’s always been taken out, so to speak, on another object. But in Slade’s case, the damage he does is internal, and there is no way for me to make him understand. Often times, I catch him with a little piece of something off of the carpet, and typically take it out. I shudder to think of the times I don’t see him snarfing down who-knows-what else!

So what’s the bottom line here? I got comfortable and wasn’t paying enough attention to his treat-eating and chewing habits. Since I realize he’ll have this tendency the rest of his life, the only thing I can do is prevent another situation. As much as I wish he could “get it”, I am entirely responsible for keeping him safe and must do better. His life depends on it!