Sailor Needs Our Help!

Meet Sailor. He is an 18-month-old pit bull with a heart of gold who needs our help. Ring Dog Rescue was able to save this special guy from being put down after a really rough start in life. At 8 weeks old, he was run over in his own driveway by his original owners. The emergency vet clinic contacted Ring Dog Rescue about the puppy and they agreed to take the puppy.

His foster mom, Lauren, is an experienced dog foster parent. Sailor is her fifth foster dog with Ring Dog Rescue. She says that “Sailor deserves to go to the perfect family.” Sailor’s broken back legs have not dimmed his enthusiasm for life. He is sweet, people-friendly, dog-social and possibly cat-friendly too. Having had the pleasure to meet this young dog this past Sunday, I have to say I am smitten. He has a joie de vivre that defies any injury that he might have. His 15-year-old foster brother Brutus, the Chihuahua, is sure to help him remember his manners. Sailor listens to Brutus. As we parted company after my visit, being the gentleman he is, Sailor held out his paw for a shake.

Here’s the thing. Sailor needs our help. This fabulous boy still needs some medical attention. Since the original surgeries happened when he was an 8-week-old puppy, corrective surgery is needed to rebreak and set one of his back legs to improve his quality of life.

Please consider helping Sailor out by contributing to his surgery fund. He is a great dog that deserves an opportunity to run around like a regular dog.

More importantly, Sailor deserves to find his forever home.

Sailor is only one of the amazing dogs available through Ring Dog Rescue. Take an opportunity to see who might be your next family member.

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