RDR needs donations to pay medical bills!

“Hi friends, its Indigo! Ring Dog Rescue, a 501 3c non profit in Richmond Va, and the Rescue that SAVED MY LIFE, is in serious need of help with their medical bills and medical fund. They have taken in many Pit Bulls that have serious medical needs lately and they really are in desperate needs of funds to pay the steep bills. They have Layla, a mom that came to us three days before she gave birth to 10 puppies, and now needs expensive heart worm treatment, Maggie who is like me and has paralysis and who may need surgery or at the minimum a $500.00 wheel chair, acupuncture and other costly therapies. These people work their butts off, giving freely of their time for the dogs. They need help , so I want to help them. If it were not for them , and the fact that they pulled me from the shelter and then gave me a second chance at life with excellent medical care , I would more than likely be dead. These wonderful people pull the dogs from the shelter that no one else wants, they rehab them and they find them amazing homes, they do it for the love of the dogs , not for any gain. Please help me help them!”