Virginia Federation of Humane Societies Conference

A few of us just got back from the above conference this past weekend and what a great event it was! Jeff Jenkins from the Anti Dog Fighting Campaign with the HSUS ( was great and he has inspired RDR to continue our efforts to implement this program in Richmond. Donald Cleary from the National Canine Research Council ( and Bernice Clifford from the Animal Farm Foundation ( were outstanding as well! read more

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Rescue Work

Rescue work is hard work. No one ever thanks you for it, except the animals. The transformation they make is thank you enough for me, most of the time 😉 Sometimes it’s nice to know that people do appreciate what you do. Here is an email we received yesterday..although we weren’t able to take these dogs in at least we were able to help get them spayed and vaccinated and help be a small step in finding their forever homes.

That is so kind of you! Thank you is not enough. I spoke with my sister this morning and she is coming over tonight to put in the applications online for them since she does not have the internet. She is equally as grateful. You are doing great work, and I know you do it for the dogs and not the people, but my sister and I are very appreciative. If I had the money I would give it to her myself, but I have 10 animals of my own, 5 cats and 5 dogs, and most of them have medical issues. If I didn’t get a disocunt for working at the vet there is no way I could afford them all. Thank you for caring so much and for doing what you do. read more

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Area Animal Groups From Metro Richmond Pet Savers



Date: March 18, 2010Contact: Susan Kelly(804) AREA ANIMAL GROUPS FORM METRO RICHMOND PET SAVERS

(Richmond, VA)—Metro Richmond Pet Savers is a newly formed collaborative group of animal rescue groups and shelters who will take part in large, monthly Adopt-A-Thons in the parking lot of Richmond area PetSmart stores. The goal will be to accelerate the adoption of cats and dogs from county/city shelters that may otherwise be euthanized.

Founded by Richmond Animal League, Ring Dog Rescue and Chesterfield County Humane Society, participating groups will transfer dogs and cats from county/city shelters in the week preceding the Adopt-A-Thon. If not done prior to transfer, the Richmond Animal League will sterilize, microchip, vaccinate and heartworm test those animals at rates below the published prices for their Loving Spay + Neuter Clinic. read more

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New Blog

If you’re reading this, the odds are good that you’ve figured out we now have a blog. We want to extend a special thanks to our Web guru, Nicole, for getting this all set up and giving us another channel to communicate with folks and post updates and things of that sort.

We’re hoping the blog will be more interactive, as we’re always up for comments and feedback on things that may be of interest to you. Don’t forget, you can also follow us on Facebook (search for or feel free to sign up for our newsletter on the main page of our website. read more

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So Smiley came home yesterday after spending 3 weeks at Holiday Barn training with Melanie, and I’m happy to report that he is a different dog! Melanie taught him the “climb” command which is similar to stay and it actually works! Last night I had him climb on the dog bed and he stayed there until we went to bed. This is the first time we’ve been able to have Smiley out in the house with all of the other dogs – not because he is aggressive but because he is overwhelming! The “climb” command helps him with self control and as a result his life is going to be even more more rich than its ever been before! I cannot wait to see what Melanie does with the next dog! Thank you Melanie and Holiday Barn for giving Smiley a new lease on life! Stay tuned for more of Smiley’s adventures 😉 read more

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Adoptables: Rye

Hi I’m Rye (affectionately known as Rye Rye in my foster home) and I’m looking for my happily ever! I’m itty bitty and somewhere between... more

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