Before you Adopt & Bully’s as “Second” dogs

Before adopting a pit bull-type dog, we encourage you to research the breed to determine if a bully is the right dog for you. Pit bulls are a little more of everything you can expect from a dog. They are smarter, more loving, more loyal, more persistent, more stubborn and stronger than most any other breed. Unfortunately, they are also more feared, hated, restricted, mythologized and the most abused breed of dog.

The typical pit bull is a unique and wonderful animal. They offer incredible companionship, are amazingly athletic and have a terrific sense of humor. There is truly no other breed like them, but they are not the dog for everyone! read more

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Richmond Metro Pet Savers Event is Tomorrow (April 10th)

Metro Richmond Pet Savers is a newly formed collaborative group of animal rescue groups and shelters who will take part in large, monthly Adopt-A-Thons in the parking lot of Richmond area PetSmart stores. The goal will be to accelerate the adoption of cats and dogs from county/city shelters that may otherwise be euthanized.

The first Adopt A Thon will take place on April 10, 2010 from 10am – 4pm at the PetSmart Store on CarMia Way in Chesterfield County. The targeted shelter for this month will be Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. The Adopt A Thons will take place monthly on the second Saturday of the month at different PetSmart stores (exact store locations will be announced in advance).

Participating animal rescues and shelters include AARF, Aussie Rescue and Placement, BARK, Bully Paws, Chesterfield County Animal Shelter, Give A Dog A Chance Rescue, Greyhound Pets of America, Henrico Animal Shelter, Hopewell Humane Society, Petersburg Animal Shelter, Powhatan Animal Control, Richmond Animal Care and Control, Rescue of Chained K9s, and Southside SPCA. read more

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Dog Owners need to know their rights!

We at RDR have been saying for years how important it is to know your rights as a dog owner. Even though we’d like to think that all local animal control divisions would never bully or scare you into thinking that something was the truth when it clearly is not, it does happen. Please educate yourself. Start by understanding the dangerous and vicious dog ordinances. Here are a few of the highlights you need to know:

  • Dangerous dog” means a canine or canine crossbreed that has bitten, attacked, or inflicted injury on a person or companion animal that is a dog or cat, or killed a companion animal that is a dog or cat.
  • “Vicious dog” means a canine or canine crossbreed that has: (i) killed a person; (ii) inflicted serious injury to a person, including multiple bites, serious disfigurement, serious impairment of health, or serious impairment of a bodily function; or (iii) continued to exhibit the behavior that resulted in a previous finding by a court or, on or before July 1, 2006, by an animal control officer as authorized by ordinance, that it is a dangerous dog, provided that its owner has been given notice of that finding.
  • When a dog attacks or bites a companion animal that is a dog or cat, the attacking or biting dog shall not be deemed dangerous: (i) if no serious physical injury as determined by a licensed veterinarian has occurred to the dog or cat as a result of the attack or bite; (ii) if both animals are owned by the same person; (iii) if such attack occurs on the property of the attacking or biting dog’s owner or custodian; or (iv) for other good cause as determined by the court. No dog shall be found to be a dangerous dog as a result of biting, attacking, or inflicting injury on a dog or cat while engaged with an owner or custodian as part of lawful hunting or participating in an organized, lawful dog handling event. No dog that has bitten, attacked, or inflicted injury on a person shall be found to be a dangerous dog if the court determines, based on the totality of the evidence before it, that the dog is not dangerous or a threat to the community.
  • Any law-enforcement officer or animal control officer who has reason to believe that a canine or canine crossbreed within his jurisdiction is a dangerous dog or vicious dog shall apply to a magistrate serving the jurisdiction for the issuance of a summons requiring the owner or custodian, if known, to appear before a general district court at a specified time.

This means DO NOT mean you have to sign your dog over to animal control immediately after an incident!! read more

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State Code and Companion Animal Care

Sometimes rescue work is so frustrating…especially when you feel like you don’t get any support from your local animal control. Someone wrote a nice letter about a penned dog that was a victim of cruelty and neglect. The local animal control was contacted and the dog owner was found not to be in violation. We sent a volunteer over right after Animal Control left and the dog had no water (it is 82° here today), so please tell me how no violation was found?!!

Never mind that the State Code of Virginia states this:
§ 3.2-6503. Care of companion animals by owner; penalty. read more

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Breed Specific Legislation…

It costs roughly one MILLION tax dollars a year for Denver, CO and PG County, MD to keep its pit bull ban in effect. But hey, they’re just dogs right? Actually, they’re not even dogs, they are vicious pit bulls, so in the long run its for the best because there’s no need to teach people about responsibility & education. We won’t hold the owners accountable for their bad decisions, we’ll just kill their dogs instead.

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Adoptables: Martin Short Stack

Martin ShortStack is a pint-sized guy, but do not let his little body fool you! Martin is a strong-willed guy, he requires exercise (preferably running),... more

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