Ring Dog Rescue and Canine Adventure are teaming up with Powhatan Animal Control

Each week all the dogs in the Powhatan County Animal Shelter will receive an adventure walk and photo session. This program aims to get the dogs out for exercise all while finding out more about each dog so that we can highlight those available for adoption. This program will work in conjunction with the RDR shelter enrichment treat program, Popsicles for Pups, and our regularly scheduled spa days, where each dog is treated to a bath and mani pedi. If you are interested in donating to this program click the donate button below. read more

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Adoptables: Moosey Tracks

Moosey Tracks is everything you're looking for plus a peanut-butter swirl. Moosey is happy and full-of-life with a contagious, adventurous spirit. Moosey is an absolute... more

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