Layla – The Pregnant Pit Bull

So, the purpose of this blog is to talk about Layla..the lovely young, very pregnant, pit bull we pulled from the Hopewell Shelter last week. We were told she was less than a week away from giving birth, which she was, as she gave birth to 11 puppies between last night and this morning! Believe it or not we’re getting flack because we didn’t abort the puppies as we all know there are too many pit bulls in this world. Well, allow me to explain. Most of the time we will abort a pregnant female, but we will not when she is that close to giving birth when we acquire her. Those puppies deserve a chance to live when they have survived 65 days inside their momma who happened to be tied to the shelter door and left. RDR will fully vaccinate and spay/neuter all of these pups prior to adoption so not to perpetuate the problem. I want to thank her foster mom, Nikki, for staying up 24 hours to help Layla give birth, and our founder for staying available via phone all night despite having to work today! You guys have done a great thing and we have 12 beautiful pit bulls pups to help us prove our theory that “The behavior of a dog is directly influenced by the use or function he plays in the life of his owner.” Karen Delise – Fatal Dog Attacks