Innocent dog seized, held for execution in Virginia

She is the eyes of the blind, the healer of suffering, abused children; yet her own life now hangs in the balance. The story of Lady Marie Bear as tragic as it is infuriating. In November, an officer from the Nelson County Animal Control ( of Lovingston, VA, seized Lady Marie Bear, a rescued dog who had been assisting in healing work benefiting abused children, and put the dog on death row.

Months prior, Lady was homeless and abused, escaping the traps of the Nelson County Animal Control in search of a loving and caring home. That she found with Glen Marie Friend, street missionary at Messiah’s Embassy in Lovingston, and her other pets. Not only did Lady become a loving part of this family: she also proved to be a healer to the suffering children and people helped by her owner’s missionary work.

For reasons unknown, a female officer from the Nelson County Animal Control of Lovingston suddenly raided Friend’s residence on Thanksgiving Day and demanded that Lady Marie Bear be handed over to her because she had reportedly bitten a person. When Friend demanded evidence of this, or a warrant to take the dog, the officer had none.

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