Hope Floats, We are all in the same boat!

Hope Floats came to Richmond Animal Care and Control (RAC&C) in July of 2012 as a stray. When no one came for her, she was given the name Hope Floats and soon became a shelter favorite. After passing multiple behavioral evaluations and still no adopter, Ring Dog Rescue, sponsored Hope Floats; she was spayed, heart-worm tested, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

In an attempted to find her the right home, she was promoted on Ring Dog Rescues sites and social media. No luck! In, November of 2012, renovations at RAC&C began. Hope Floats, started to degrade, with sounds, limited space and the fact that she had now been at the shelter for 5 months. It was clear to staff and volunteers that something had to be done, and after 5 months no one wanted to euthanize her.

Ring Dog Rescue contacted their partner, Heritage Humane Society. We talked about her testing, medical, and her potential. On November 20th, Hope Floats got a new chance. She was picked up by a Ring Dog Rescue volunteer and driven to Williamsburg. After being introduced to their volunteers and staff, she was set up in a large cushy run, given a meal and allowed to rest peacefully. The fantastic staff and volunteers, who were awaiting her arrival; quickly got to work, taking Hope Floats out for walks, running, and yummy snacks. On, Sunday November 25th, Hope Floats was adopted into a loving forever family.

This story is a true testament to working together. Municipal shelters having a relationship with rescue organizations, and them in turn having relationships with other organizations and humane societies, can change the life of an animal. And while, Hope Floats, may only be one dog, she like all are deserving of a chance when that chance is there. Sharing of resources and relationships can make a change, even if it is only one lucky dog.

Richmond Animal Care & Control, Ring Dog Rescue and Heritage Humane Society, all wish Hope Floats a great new life.