Heartworms in dog are very easy to prevent, however they are very difficult, and costly, to treat once a dog already has them. Sadly, it is quite common for a rescued dog to have heartworms, as they have not had access to the same preventative treatment an owned pet would. If left undetected and untreated, a dog with heartworms will almost certainly die from them eventually. Thankfully for a lucky few of those dogs in our area with heartworms, Ring Dog Rescue is committed to treating heartworms and giving the dog the time it needs to heal during this treatment. Currently six dogs (Gatsby, Pauletta, Stella, Nilla, Layla, and Fatso) need to be treated through Ring Dog for heatworms, with a total cost of about $1,800, that is quite a hefty bill for a rescue to foot. Each dog will need a minimum of eight weeks to heal before it is able to be adopted out to its’ new family. Any donations towards the treatment of these deserving bullies would be greatly appreciated!