Harley needs surgery!

My name is Harley. I am a 3 year old petite, red haired smooth dachshund Diva girl. I was walking around one day and my back starting hurting me. My previous owner said I just stopped walking. They took me to their vet and I had x-rays done. The vet said I had 3 slipped discs. My previous owner left me at their vet’s office for two weeks so they could find another home for me. They could not take care of me. I became depressed. I was used to running with my playmate, a black lab. I loved snuggling with my big buddy. I missed my family. My owner decided to have me put to sleep at the end of 2 weeks since they could not find anyone to take me. A lady from Ring Dog Rescue’s Low Riding Crew called about me on the morning I was supposed to cross The Rainbow Bridge. There was a lot of activity-I was going to fly and not to The Rainbow Bridge. I was going to North Carolina from California! I flew to North Carolina on a stormy plane ride and met my new Foster Mommy and Daddy. They were cool and gave me lots of kisses and let me ride shotgun. At my Foster Family’s home, they had a wheelchair for me and lots of other dachshunds for me to get to know. They found out that I love to give lots of kisses and don’t mind being on crate rest. I also let them know that the cat of the house smells really good. Ring Dog Rescue had me go on another trip to Richmond, VA to see a surgeon. He examined me and said “She is a great candidate for surgery! She may walk again!” I now have back surgery scheduled for the end of June. But the surgery is going to cost around $2900. Everyone at Ring Dog Rescue is trying to raise the money within a month to give me the opportunity to walk again. I know I can walk, my legs just won’t cooperate and that’s frustrating to me. Please help Ring Dog Rescue to raise the money for my surgery. I would love very much to run in my foster family’s backyard with the rest of The Low Riding Crew. And maybe one day I will find my FOREVER HOME. Please help me….