Different collars for walking your dog in a safe manner!

There are many options when it comes to collars for your dog.  We at RDR use all types of collars to walk our dogs.  Some of the more common ones are gentle leaders, the easy walk harness, and the prong collar.  I know many people have mixed opinions about training in general but the topic of the collar type never grows old.  Our philosophy is to use whatever works.  You must be able to control your dog and display each other as responsible members of society.  In an effort to help you pick the best option for your dog I’ve highlighted a few points about each type of collar:
Gentle Leader – 
Premier Pet Gentle Leader Headcollar is designed to avoid unwanted pulling and lunging but in a safe and painless way. It works naturally on dogs and makes them instinctively understand what you want. It has an adjustable nose loop for custom fit and can also be converted into a regular collar.
Premier Pet Gentle Leader Headcollar
  • Naturally calms dogs
  • Won’t choke throat
  • Made of soft nylon
  • Applies gentle, painless pressure
Premier Pet Gentle Leader Headcollar won’t come off your dog’s head like the regular collars do, making the walks more stress free. Moreover, it’s different from a muzzle and dogs can easily eat and drink wearing this collar.
Easy Walk Harness – 
No more pulling on the leash? Sounds pretty perfect! Enjoy lunge-free walks around the block with the PetSafe Easy Walk Black & Silver Dog Harness. Instead of pulling on your dog’s sensitive throat, the Easy Walk Harness attaches  near the chest, allowing you to steer your pup and regain control over the daily walk. Available in multiple sizes to fit any breed.
Key Benefits 
  • Discourages pulling on the leash
  • Perfect for teaching dogs to walk nicely on a leash
  • Easy to fit and use immediately
  • 4 adjustment points provide maximum comfort and reliable fit
  • Martingale loop in chest piece prevents twisting
  • Quick-snap buckles on shoulder and belly straps for easy on and off
  • Belly strap is a complementary color, making it easy to tell which strap goes over the shoulders and which strap goes under the belly
Prong Collar –

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and being able to control and exercise them is so important  these tools were created to make it easier for us to do things with our dogs!  Use whatever works but understand and learn how to use them first!