Charley needs a new set of wheels!

Hi! My name is Charley. I am a 6 year old dachshund on a mission. Approximately 2 years ago, I became paralyzed from the waist down. My owners did not have the money or know how to take care of me. I sat in baby diapers in my own filth contained a kitchen until a couple of months ago when I was surrendered to Ring Dog Rescue who found a wonderful foster family to love me and let me be the dachshund I was meant to be! A make-shift wheelchair was made for me, but it’s not sturdy enough for me. You see, even though i am paralyzed i don’t let that stop me from doing anything I want to do! I run all over the place chasing my foster siblings, barking at the chickens, and too frequently I end up tipping over and my foster mom has to save me! That is very frustrating for me especially when I have almost caught my sibling or even a butterfly! My goal is to have a wheelchair custom made to fit me and my exuberance so I can run without worrying my foster family or having my legs chaffed! My foster mom is wanting to take me to the beach and trail walking, but my current wheelchair will not support the terrain safely or comfortably for me. Please help me to get a new wheelchair so I can experience life to the fullest! Thanks and much Love! Charley