Canine Sports- Flyball

Flyball  is a fun, interactive team sport for both you and your dog.  Four dogs and 4 handlers work together in a relay race.  The race is timed and includes low jumps and the retrieve of a ball that is triggered by a spring loaded box at the end.  The dog races down the lane over 4 jumps, triggers the ball and grabs it and runs back over 4 jumps.  The second dog passes the first dog over the start/finish line and so on. The dogs are released one at a time until all 4 dogs have run their turn. Two lanes of dogs race side by side. The first team to have all four dogs complete the course wins the heat. It is fun and exciting, for the dogs, handlers and spectators.  The only requirements are lots of energy and a desire to work. All of the other skills can be taught.

Flyball is open to all breeds of dogs and mixes of any size. Dogs as large as Great Danes and as small as Chihuahuas.  Flyball is a great team sport involving handlers and helpers of all ages.  Competing teams are separated into regions across the US and Canada and competitions are held within each region practically all year round. 

Classes are available through K-9 Kamikazes ( in Richmond VA at All Dog Adventures. The team holds class and practice on Friday nights from 7-10pm. The K-9 Kamikazes will be holding a flyball tournament the weekend after St Patricks Day (March 19-20, 2016) at the Chesterfield Fairgrounds.  If you are interested in checking out flyball, that would be a great weekend give it a look. Racing starts at 8 am on both days and runs until mid afternoon. 

Photo Credit: Irene Cotter Fur-Fetched Photography 

Dog in photo: Jack Rabbit, CGC, TT, FM, MBDCH-S, OA, AXJ, rescued from Petersburg Animal Control on his last day of availability.

Links to get more information

Here’s some basic information about Flyball and it’s history

For your pit bull fans, here’s a video of team BSL out of PA with Revolution Flyball