Are pit bulls “inherently dangerous”?

A ruling this week in Maryland’s highest court puts certain dog owners and landlords on a tighter leash.

The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled in a case involving a pit bull attack that it is no longer necessary for those attacked by a pit bull or a pit bull mix to prove that the dog is violent—the owner or landlord “is strictly liable for the damages caused” by nature of the breed.

Do you think the Maryland Court of Appeals was right in its recent ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous?  Click here to vote and see the results! read more

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Tell United Airlines not to discriminate against 9 dog breeds

United Airlines — of the famous “Fly the Friendly Skies” slogan — just got a lot less dog-friendly. The biggest air carrier in the world recently decided that some dogs can’t fly with their families, because United doesn’t like the way they look.

United is now the only airline in the U.S. to have singled out nine different breeds of dog as “dangerous” based on their appearance, barring them from flying.

Jessie Huart discovered the policy when she was trying to book a ticket to travel with her family’s dog, a 10-year-old pit bull named Slaw. She was told by the airline that because he’s a pit bull, Slaw couldn’t travel. But Slaw isn’t just a pet — he’s a member of the family, so Jessie started a petition on to ask United to treat all dogs equally, regardless of breed. Click here to add your name to Jessie’s petition. read more

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Breed Specific Legislation…

It costs roughly one MILLION tax dollars a year for Denver, CO and PG County, MD to keep its pit bull ban in effect. But hey, they’re just dogs right? Actually, they’re not even dogs, they are vicious pit bulls, so in the long run its for the best because there’s no need to teach people about responsibility & education. We won’t hold the owners accountable for their bad decisions, we’ll just kill their dogs instead.

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BSL Alert for the entire state of Florida

Florida State Representative, Perry E. Thurston, Jr. has filed House Bill 543, to repeal the state’s prohibition on Breed Specific Legislation. An identical Senate version, S.B. 1276, has also been filed by Florida State Senator, Tony Hill, Jr. Now is the time to take a stand and fight to save our family pets!
For more specific information on the bill and who to contact to oppose it, go here:

If you are a Florida resident please sign this petition and if you are not, please send this information to anyone you know in Florida or anyone you know that knows someone in Florida! read more

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Adoptables: Ernest

Ernest affectionately called Ernie did not have a great start to his short life.  This boy was taken from a rural shelter with such severe... more

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