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November 24 at 10:05am · Edited ·

It’s time to clear something up: BSL is not a “pit bull” dog issue. It’s not something that only affects “pit bull” dogs and their families.

BSL denies all of us the opportunity to live in a safe, humane community.

BSL affects us all, no matter what kind of dog we have. In fact, it affects everyone, whether or not they even own a pet. As we’re seeing in Louisiana now, where local veterinarians are taking a stand against BSL by refusing to euthanize healthy, safe family pets, BSL tears apart communities and traumatizes our neighbors. (see more:…/liv…/louisiana-pit-bull-rottweiler-ban/) read more

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U.S. communities increasingly ditching pit bull bans – Aamer Madhani for USA Today November 18, 2014

Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY 1:10 p.m. EST November 18, 2014

(Photo: Steve Hebert for USA TODAY)

Three decades after officials in more than 700 cities throughout the country began passing bans and other restrictions to keep pit bulls out of their communities, state and local governments are increasingly reconsidering their approach to what not so long ago was America’s most vilified pet.Since June, at least nine communities in the Midwest have overturned pit bull bans that were on the books. Last week, Hallsville, Mo., became the latest to lift its ban after a family successfully appealed to the City Council for a change in law when it learned the family dog was a pit bull mix. read more

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Loudoun VA Lifts ban on adoption of Pit Bulls from Shelter!

Posted: Thursday, May 8, 2014 4:00 pm | Updated: 5:17 pm, Thu May 8, 2014. By Erika Jacobson Moore | Leesburg Today |

Loudoun County supervisors this week approved a big change for the animal shelter, reversing a long-standing and controversial policy not to allow pit bulls or pit bull mixes to be adopted. The new policy is effective immediately.

The proposal came as a recommendation from the Animal Advisory Committee, with support from the Department of Animal Services, and supervisors said they were happy to see the change. read more

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Massachusetts bans breed specific legislation AND the gas chamber!

In a landmark move by the state of Massachusetts, animal advocates everywhere are celebrating a major win: the ban of gas chambers as a method of euthanizing dogs and cats, and the ban of breed specific legislation.

Thanks to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Advocacy team and countless animal welfare advocates, veterinarians, dog owners, animal control officers and officials, a new animal control bill was introduced and passed.

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Efforts to combat dogfighting gain major ally in RICO statute

Dharma the three-legged pit bull is a survivor.

The canine was found mangled in 2009 when federal investigators busted a massive dogfighting ring that spanned from Illinois to Texas. The raids resulted in the seizure of more than 400 dogs and numerous arrests.

Animal welfare workers said Dharma wasn’t used in the dogfights but rather was left chained outside in rural Missouri to produce fresh litters of puppies. The dog’s abusers, they said, amputated one of her front legs.

Suzanne Schemm, the dog’s adoptive owner, believes Dharma, now 5, is lucky to have escaped from an underground world where crimes against animals are common but often difficult to solve and prosecute. read more

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Adoptables: Oreo

Oreo 1-2 years Black and white 50 pounds This boy is as sweet and delicious as his name!  Meet Oreo! This boy has so much... more

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