Before you Adopt & Bully’s as “Second” dogs

Before adopting a pit bull-type dog, we encourage you to research the breed to determine if a bully is the right dog for you. Pit bulls are a little more of everything you can expect from a dog. They are smarter, more loving, more loyal, more persistent, more stubborn and stronger than most any other breed. Unfortunately, they are also more feared, hated, restricted, mythologized and the most abused breed of dog.

The typical pit bull is a unique and wonderful animal. They offer incredible companionship, are amazingly athletic and have a terrific sense of humor. There is truly no other breed like them, but they are not the dog for everyone!

If you already own a dog and are considering adopting a bully, we usually suggest adopting one that is the opposite sex of your current dog. In addition, you should be aware that owning a bully breed dog, along with another dog, requires constant monitoring of their play and interaction and the ability to firmly establish yourself as the “pack leader.” If you are not able to commit yourself to this, you should not consider adopting a bully breed dog as a “second” dog.