A Step in the Right Direction! Renters look here.

Ring Dog Rescue was recently contacted, and made aware that the below list of rental properties, that previously banned certain breeds from residing at their properties has had a change in policy.

These properties are now instead going to have a trainer evaluate the individual dog, and if they are found to be “safe” they will allow the dog to live at one of the below properties. While this is not a perfect solution and we wish no one person or business would discriminate, this is a step in the right direction.

Here is a list of the properties that are allowing dogs on the restricted breeds list to be evaluated before allowing to move in.

New Manchester Flats

The Locks

Plant Zero http://www.mynewplace.com/apartment/the-commons-at-plant-zero-richmond-va-5t1722216997

Shockoe Cary http://www.mynewplace.com/apartment/shockoe-cary-richmond-va-1wq205352552#property_details

Market Villas http://www.mynewplace.com/apartment/market-villas-richmond-va-4jn210452136

Miller Lofts

If you contact the properties leasing office the office will then send them information on getting evaluated.

***They do not have to be able to play with other dogs, just be able to ride in elevators and pass in hallways without showing major leash reactivity such as lunging, barking growling towards people, other dogs or children.