A note from our favorite groomer!

Bully Bath Time for the sensitive and hopelessly allergic. I have two favorite shampoos I use for these circumstances. Both are highly effective and can be used as a general purpose shampoo to keep your dogs skin and coat in great condition. We will start with MICRO TEK shampoo made by Eqyss Grooming Products. This stuff is awesome and I use it on myself as well. I buy it locally at Southern States in the horse department. You can order it for dogs but the bottle is half the size and costs about the same as the large horse bottle. Exact same product. The technology was developed by NASA for decontamination of the astronauts. Its a little pricey but it goes a long way and does the job. It is cruelty free, environmentally friendly and smells like a day at the beach. It soothes on contact and will not sting or hurt open wounds. You can use this product as often as necessary and it will not harm the skin or coat. They also make a companion spray or a gel if you need to treat the skin between baths. Shampoo number two is Fresh N Clean MEDI CLEEN by Lambert Kay. I order this on Amazon because I can find it for less than $4.00 a bottle. Depending on where you buy it, you may pay as much as $12.00 a bottle. I try to find it with free shipping as well and stock up. I love this stuff. It has somewhat of a medicated menthol odor that is quite soothing to the senses. A little extra bonus. It leaves the skin and coat in great condition and will slough off the dead skin like nobodies business if your dog has this issue as well. I couldn’t manage without these two products. Give them a try, you wont be sorry.