$5 spay and neuter for Roanoke zip code 24017

(855)HIP-SNIP(855) HIP-SNIP    www.MountainViewHumane.org

Mountain View Humane Offers $5 Fixes for Dogs and Cats 
Living in the Roanoke City Zip Code 24017
Mountain View Humane (MVH), a low cost/ high quality spay/neuter clinic
 with locations in Roanoke and Christiansburg, is offering $5 
dog and cat sterilizations with rabies vaccination for any 
pet living in the 24017 zip code area, thanks to a grant 
from PetSmart Charities® and matching funds from the 
City of Roanoke. This grant will cover the cost of the spay/neuter
 surgery and a rabies vaccine if needed. Residents living 
in 24017 can call (540) 562-8440 (540) 5 to make 
an appointment for one of the “$5 fixes”.
“PetSmart Charities and the City of Roanoke have provided the 
funding for this fantastic deal.  This is up to a $100 savings 
for some pet owners ,” says Corrie Prater, Director of Marketing 
for MVH. “We really want to see pet owners in 24017 take 
advantage of these $5 spay/neuter surgeries to help 
reduce the pet population.” 
Residents who live anywhere else in the City of Roanoke 
and think they would qualify as low-moderate income, can 
fill out a financial aid application at our website 
www.MountainViewHumane.org and see if they qualify
 for financial assistance. Thanks to the City of Roanoke, 
the Johnson Foundation, and the Bosley fund for funding 
this offer for Roanoke City residents.
Mountain View Humane is a 501(c)3 organization that 
relies on grant funding and donations to offer low-cost 
sterilization services for pet owners in the community. 
For more information, call toll free (855) HIP-SNIP or 
visit the website www.MountainViewHumane.org 
About Mountain View Humane Mountain View Humane is a 
501(c)3 nonprofit organization in a collaborative effort among 
the Roanoke Valley SPCA; the governments of Montgomery County 
and Roanoke City, Virginia; the Virginia-Maryland Regional 
College of Veterinary Medicine; Animal Hope Alliance; 
and the Montgomery County Friends of Animal Care and Control. 
Mountain View Humane operates two clinics in Southwest Virginia, 
the Waldron-Ricci Spay Neuter Clinic in Christiansburg and the 
Sabrina & Lucky Garvin Spay Neuter Clinic in Roanoke. 
For more information about Mountain View Humane and its services, 
volunteer opportunities or to make a donation, please call 855-HIP-SNIP