Considering Re-homing Your Pit-Bull? Think again!

While we always try and use this website to communicate positive happenings and upcoming events, the sad reality of things is that, every week, we receive multiple emails and calls from people who are looking to get rid of their pit bull for reasons completely unrelated to the dog itself.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen all of the following…

“I’m starting a business and I just don’t have the time for him anymore”
“I’m moving to an apartment that doesn’t allow animals”
“I’m moving out of state and I can’t take her with me”
“We just had a child and no longer have time for him”
“I’m moving back with my parents and they won’t let me keep her”

Now feels like a good time to remind some people that getting a dog is a commitment for the life of the dog. We’re not talking a car you lease or an apartment you rent, some intangible commodity that you can sever ties with whenever the whims of your life take you hither and fro. We’re talking about a living, breathing creature, a creature who will learn to rely on you and depend on you and for whose well-being you are accountable for until his or her days are over. None of the excuses above would fly with your child so why would you begin to think that they would fly with your dog?

“I have to move out of state for my new job, this kid is really taking up a lot of my time and it would be so much easier starting the new job without having to deal with him”.

You don’t hear that conversation and you should not, just like you should not hear any of the ones that pertain to rehoming a dog. But we do, every day, and every week. The ironic part is that most of the people who ask us to take their dogs tell us they want to find it a “loving home”. Before you give up on your dog and start looking to someone else to fulfill your obligations of providing your dog a “loving home”, perhaps you might consider doing so yourself. Take a visit to your local shelter sometime and then re-evaluate how many “loving homes” you think are out there for your dog.

There’s a very simple solution to this problem. If you’re getting a dog, make it a lifelong commitment before you get it and keep it. If you have a dog, fulfill your commitment.

It’s time to shape up, people.

As with most things, exceptions are always made in certain circumstances, so please contact us to discuss further.gro.eucsergodgnir@godgnir

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