Ring Dog Rescue is a rescue group dedicated to “Pit Bull type dogs”, which are defined as any dog having bulldog lineage. We are a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization and are currently listing adoptable pit bulls from, not only Ring Dog Rescue, but our other rescue friends and those who have opened their door to an orphaned pit bull in private rescue.

We at Ring Dog Rescue all own a pit bull type dog and would like to answer all your questions and help guide you to a happy life for you and your companion, as well as to aid you in finding the perfect one for you. read more

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We are delighted to announce that Richmond, VA has been chosen as one of the cities to receive a fantastic, wonderful and outrageously generous Angel Day 2019 grant! If you are interested in signing up, please know that this is being offered to pit bull-type dogs only. Space is limited so click here to sign-up today! The event will be held April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at A.L. Shilling Spay & Neuter.

Anyone wishing to dontate towards this event, please visit this link: https://standupforpits.us/donate/

Recent News

Ring Dog Rescue and Canine Adventure are teaming up with Powhatan Animal Control

Each week all the dogs in the Powhatan County Animal Shelter will receive an adventure walk and photo session. This program aims to get the dogs out for exercise all while finding out more about each dog so that we can highlight those available for adoption. This program will work in conjunction with the RDR shelter enrichment treat program, Popsicles for Pups, and our regularly scheduled spa days, where each dog is treated to a bath and mani pedi. If you are interested in donating to this program click the donate button below. read more

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